The Gulf States Health Policy Center funds two-year pilot projects focused on health policy research in the Gulf States. These projects are led by co-Principal Investigators, one from a community organization and one from an academic institution, who jointly develop and execute the project. Current pilot projects include:

  • Physical Activity and Screen-Time Regulations in Child Care Centers: Influence on Young Children’s Health Behaviors
    Mayor of Baton Rouge Health City Initiative and Louisiana State University 

Community-Academic Research Projects

  • CBPR of Policies and Practices Affecting Adolescent Sexual Health in Mississippi
    Southeast Mississippi Rural Health Initiative and The University of Southern Mississippi
  • Opt-Out HIV Testing Guidelines and Barriers of Implementation in Alabama
    Whatley Health Services and University of Alabama at Birmingham
  • Compliance Barriers and Initial Outcomes of the Medicaid First Dental Home Policy in Dallas County
    Community Council of Greater Dallas and Texas A & M University 
  • Policies on Intergenerational Relationships in Livable Communities and Their Impact on Health Outcome
    Via Health, Fitness, and Enrichment Center and University of South Alabama 
  • Making Environmental Policy Work for Communities: A Culturally Competent CBPR Approach to Advancing the Health of Gulf Coast Vietnamese-Americans
    Mississippi Coalition for Vietnamese-American Fisher Folks and Families and Tulane University                                                                                                                 
  • Measuring Vulnerability and Developing Resiliency with the Vietnamese Gulf Coast, Boat People SOS and The University of Southern Mississippi         Boat People SOS and The University of Southern Mississippi                                                                                                                                                                                 
  • Access to Extracurricular Athletic Opportunities for Students with Disabilities, Hattiesburg Public Schools and The University of Southern Mississippi Hattiesburg Public Schools and The University of Southern Mississippi 


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